Agile Joints - Cat Joint Support

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Agile Joints - Cat Joint Support


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Supports comfortable joint mobility and ease of movement in cats

  • May help activity associated with normal, daily exercise
  • Helps maintain flexibility and normal, comfortable motion
  • For joints, cartilage, ligaments and joint fluid
  • May benefit normal recovery following orthopaedic surgery
  • Appropriate for cats of all ages

Order Agile Joints today and help your cat maintain agility and an active quality of life!

  • Five-Star Experience or it's FREE
  • 2 oz (59 ml) is a 4-month supply for most cats
  • 4 oz (118 ml) is an 8-month supply for most cats

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What is Agile Joints?

Agile Joints was formulated to address mobility and help maintain a normal range of motion in feline joints. Older pets in particular may benefit from extra support. It is common for our pet friends to require additional support for joints and connective tissue.

From our holistic veterinarian: "In my practice, almost all pets over the age of ten need some degree of support to maintain normal cartilage."

What is Agile Joints used for?

Appropriate for all joints and commonly used for shoulders, hip, knees, ankles, elbows and vertebrae. This proprietary blend of herbs works effectively to support the physiology of the joint tissues in all feline sizes and breeds.

The joints of the body are made up of the bones of the joint, cartilage that covers the ends of the bones, ligaments and a joint capsule that contains synovial fluid. This fluid lubricates the joint and works as a shock absorber when your pet walks, jumps and plays. All of these components need to be comfortable and working smoothly for the healthy function of the joint. Additionally, normal circulation into these areas helps to transport nutrients in and take waste products out.

Agile Joints nourishes the components that make up the joint and supports its underlying normal physiology. It also helps protect from free-radical damage that can adversely affect the joint.

Does my cat require joint support?

If they have a reluctance to stand up or climb stairs, this can be an indication that your cat is experiencing joint discomfort.

Watch for these signs:

  • Your cat favours one side of their body
  • Less interest in food
  • Aversion to being touched or petted
  • Your cat loses interest in activities they previously enjoyed, such as running, jumping up onto furniture, playing, etc.

There is no way to entirely eliminate the possibility that support will one day be needed. But as a pet owner, you can help by ensuring that your cat gets regular exercise. This will help keep your cat's joints healthy and well lubricated. It will also keep them from becoming overweight, which can put additional stress upon their joints.

A note from our veterinarian...

Agile Joints may work very effectively on its own. If you think your pet requires additional support for joint comfort and mobility, consider using a supplement that provides beneficial antioxidant support, such as Pet Wellbeing Core Immune Care.

A good diet goes a long way for maintaining healthy joints and keeping weight within a healthy range.

Does it come with a guarantee?

Yes! Agile Joints comes with a Five-Star Experience or it's FREE.

Why choose Agile Joints for your feline friend?

  • Certified organic and ethically wild-harvested: This formula is entirely prepared from organically grown and ethically wild-harvested herbs.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices: All of our formulas are manufactured in a facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Full-Spectrum Extract: The full biochemical spectrum of the herbs is preserved to ensure the potency of the extract. All raw materials are tested for identification and purity.
  • Every batch tested: Every batch of our Agile Joints is tested to ensure the highest quality and potency. Every single batch.
  • FDA Registered Facility: Our manufacturing facility is FDA registered. Strict quality control procedures are meticulously monitored.
  • FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Guidelines: Pet Wellbeing complies with the provisions of the CVM's good guidance practices for pet dietary supplements. All ingredients and caution statements adhere to these national guidelines.
  • It's Guaranteed: In addition to the superior quality of our products, you are also protected by our Five-Star Experience or it's FREE.

Who Makes Agile Joints?

Agile Joints is made by, founded in 2001. Our goal? To bring the wisdom and experience of our caring holistic veterinarians to your pet. When your pet is healthy, you're happy.

To fulfill our vision, our on-staff, holistic veterinarians have developed formulas using time-honoured, traditional uses of herbs and integrated the latest scientific research. It is our aim to produce the best products for your pet that we can.

Administer Agile Joints twice daily:

  • Under 30 lb: Give one drop per 2 lb (1 kg) of body weight

Shake well before use. Does not require refrigeration.

TIP! from Dr. Jan: This product is even more effective if the administration amount is doubled for the first four weeks. Thereafter, the amount can be decreased or tapered to the regular amount. Most cats respond optimally starting with this increased amount.

BEST way to give drops: Add drops to a small portion of a favorite food or treat and ensure the entire amount is consumed. Agile Joints is enhanced with delicious, natural bacon flavor. We recommend administration of the drops in a way that your cat will like best.


  • If animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.
  • Not to be used during pregnancy.
  • May be a GI irritant. Use with caution in animals at risk for GI ulceration.
  • Use caution with steroid drugs and NSAIDS.
  • Do not use with blood thinners.
  • An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.
  • Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Agile Joints is Formulated With:

  • Devil's Claw tuber (Harpagophytum procumbens): A primary herb used for joint health in both animals and humans, Devil's Claw contains high amounts of a constituent called iridoid glycosides. These compounds have been shown to have significant benefit on all joints of the body.
  • Dandelion root (Taraxacum offinicale): Full of minerals, Dandelion root helps ensure removal of excess uric acid from the body, which can otherwise cause problems in the joints. It also aids the liver in metabolizing and excreting waste byproducts.
  • Sarsaparilla root (Smilax officinalis): Often used by athletes to improve performance, this well-known herb contains components (steroidal saponins) that help keep joints moving easily.
  • Yucca root (Yucca spp.): Native to Mexico, Yucca root is a food source plant containing valuable phytochemicals (steroidal saponins and reservatrol) that help maintain joint health.
  • Boswellia gum (Boswellia spp.): Agile Joints contains a small amount of Boswellia gum. This potent resin contains boswellic acid, extensively studied for its benefits on joint health.
  • Bromelain: Commonly used for digestion, bromelain is a proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzyme derived from pineapple stems that is also aptly utilized for joint health. It has been successfully used for sports injuries and for aiding normal recovery following orthopedic surgery.

... 392 mg per ml

Herbs are certified organic or ethically wild-harvested.

Inactive Ingredients: Deionized water, natural bacon flavor, vegetable glycerin.